The world’s
most innovative,
solar facade

Helios Facade’s patented BIPV designs turn your building envelope into a power and revenue generator, offering the most cost-effective, aesthetically-pleasing solar facade in the world. More green for you, more green for the environment.

Powering the future of sustainable architecture

Renewable energy tax credits only apply to facade materials that generate renewable energy. Unlike every other BIPV option, Helios’ patented design ensures that the
entire assembly
 qualifies for tax incentives.

Window into the future

Energize your building’s envelope

Helios’ patented technology is on the system used to hold the PV glass sections. Our flexible manufacturing line can produce many different combinations, either fully-embedded with solar cells to maximize energy generation, or partially embedded to ensure visual functionality.

Our BIPV window solutions include:

Energy generating:

Cladding systems

Window systems

Why choose Helios Facade?

Patented Design = Maximum ROI

Helios’ patented design allows the entire assembly to qualify for federal tax incentives. Lower your utility bills, while generating more energy, which can then be sold back to the grid.

Completely Customizable

As manufacturers, all our products come in a variety of colors, designs, and textures enabling us to achieve the desired architectural design. From clear vision to fully customized prints, including brick, wood, metal, stucco, terracotta, and even your logo.

Built for Anything

Our product can be installed on new development projects or retrofitted on existing buildings, effectively replacing any conventional window and/or cladding systems.


Made in America

We’re a brand proudly made in America. Beyond good ol-fashioned American pride, as well as helping support our local economy, our domestic operation means our clients can claim an additional 10% tax credit.

Easy Installation & Access

The nature of our design ensures a simpler, more accessible product, reducing downtime and ensuring that your system continues to produce energy without significant interruptions. Building maintenance is always considered in all of our designs.

With Helios it pays
to be sustainable

Helios products offer more tax credits and financial incentives than any other BIPV option, including:

Environmental Sustainability

Section 48
Tax Credit Incentives

Increased Property Value

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